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"My school (8)"

It has become a tradition to make exchanges of students every year and almost each time they visit our school and want to find out more about its customs and traditions. If a group of students came to our school first of all I would tell them some things about the history of our school. It was founded in 1927 and in 1932 it was named after the great Russian writer Gorky. It is a specialized English-speaking school so the knowledge of English of our leavers is high. For many of us it is a very significant thing because our future can depend on our knowledge of English. After it I'll show our school to guests. I think it would be better to begin the excursion from the ground floor where our school workshop is situated. The girls of our school have their handicraft lessons there. The most important problems of our school are solved in the office of our principal, V. D. Ivanov. It is also situated on the ground floor. Our school canteen is also there. On the first floor some primary school classrooms are situated. Two well-equipped computer classes are the pride of our school. On the first floor there is also a teachers' room. Our school museum is on the opposite side .The museum gives a full coverage of our school history and the meetings with famous people are sometimes held there. Our school library, which is also on the first floor, offers the pupils a lot of books, newspapers and magazines, which are useful in our studies. On the second floor we can also see primary classrooms and labs of different subjects. The science rooms are situated here. Two of them are for physics and one is for chemistry lessons. They are well equipped and prepared for different experiments. A great amount of tables and schemes is of great help during the lessons. Educational films and slides are also helpful in our studies. The biology lab is situated on the third floor. Everybody can recognize it by great amount of flowers, stuffed animals and birds and aquarium with nice fish. Pupils of the school gather together in the Assembly Hall to celebrate some traditional holidays, such as Halloween, Valentine Day, New Year and sometimes the birthdays of great writers. On each floor of our school one can see small classes where English lessons are held. And it is impossible not to say about our two new gyms. Our school can be proud of them and I think that they will impress foreign students very much. I think that after that short excursion I'll try to find out an information about their school and its equipment. I'll ask them to tell about their school and out-of-school activities. I would like to find out whether they are of some importance for them or give them a lot of pleasure. I'd like to find out what traditions they keep and what way they celebrate their holidays.
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