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"My school (3)"

At the age of 6 or 7 all boys and girls go to school. I am a schoolboy as well. My school number is 383. Our school is large, airy and light. It is neither old nor new. There is a large schoolyard and a stadium. We sometimes have physical training lessons here. There are 3 floors in the school. There is a workshop on the ground floor. It is big and there are all kinds of iron-processing tools and machines here. There is also a woodwork room where we learn to make different things of wood. Another room is for girls to learn housekeeping and craft work. It is also on the ground floor. There is a dining room you can enter from the foyer. It is next to the woodwork room. Here pupils and teachers have their breakfast and dinner. The dining-room is very clean and has beautifully designed interior. There are many nice pictures on the walls and some of them are by the most gifted schoolchildren. There is also a gymnasium near the dining-room and the woodwork room. All pupils like to attend it because at our physical training lessons we usually play exciting sport games and have a lot of fun. There is a library on the first floor of the school building. There are a lot of old and new books there. But unfortunately there is no reading room there. The library regulations are quite strict and one can not take more than two books at a time and keep them for more than two weeks period. There a many classrooms in the school. The English classrooms are supplied with an audio systems controlled from the teacher's desk and there are headphones provided connecting the cassette decks with the pupils' desks. There is a lot of research laboratory equipment both in the Physics and Chemistry classrooms. The Geography and History classrooms have a lot of maps and books. Every classroom has a flower-stand or some pots on the window-panes with beautiful home plants or flowers. The teacher's desk is usually between the pupils' ones and the blackboard. There are around twenty desks in each classroom. Some classrooms have TV sets that are used sometimes at the lessons. There is a school conference hall on the third floor where meeting, conference and school dancing parties take place. There are also holidays celebrated and concerts and competitions of various kind are held except the sports events which take place in gymnasium or in the open. School theatre once in two or three months performs its plays here. The most remarkable event of the school life -the Last Bell is also celebrated here. The pupils of the first and eleventh forms prepare themselves for this day with great enthusiasm. The teachers room is on the second floor. There are tables and arm-chairsfor teachers to take a short rest or to do some preparations. There is a TV set with video player here and there are two computers connected with the director's and head teacher's ones. There is also a telephone and a fax machine. The teachers' room is quite comfortable and cozy and some teachers like to spend their time there. I like my school and sometimes I think that I would like to be a teacher.
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