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"Television (2)"

Television plays a great role in our life. In the one hand television plays a positive role. It brings the world to our living-room .We see people in our country and in other lands, and learn their customs, occupations, opinions, problems. We become well informed by watching documentaries, science programs, and discussions and by learning the most important economic, social and political issues of the day. We see great events, which will pass into history. We can see outstanding people. We become more cultured people by learning more of the arts. Television helps us to relax after a hard day's work. Television programs gather great audiences. Apart from their entertainment value, they provide useful topics for conversations. But on the other hand television plays the negative role in the life of human beings. We begin to forget how to occupy our spare time. We used to have hobbies, we used to meet our friends, and we used to go outside for our amusements, to the theatres, cinemas and sporting events. We used to read books and to listen to the music. Little by little television cuts us off from the real world. We get so lazy, we choose to spend a fine day glued to our sets. Some pupils do the homework in front of the TV set. Others rush their homework so they can watch television. In either case the quality of the work is affected. Some pupils are so attracted by television they do not do their homework at all. Many people do not concentrate viewing TV - so their time is largely wasted. Many boys and girls watch television on Sunday afternoon, when out-doors activities would do them so much good. Some children have made television their main leisure activity and they are not enriching their personalities by developing hobbies and visiting different clubs. Television may lead to the poor health through lack of sleep and lack of exercises. Eyestrain could be caused by watching TV for a long time. People begin to forget the art of conversation. They sit glued to the television screen instead of visiting their friends, relatives. Many children no longer read books. This will seriously affect their studying in higher forms for reading is the key to all higher study and needs constant practice. There are so many interesting and marvelous programs such as: "What, Where, When". I like it because of its interesting questions. I am keen on solving them. I also like to watch the program devoted to computer games called "Ot vinta." And I like to watch interesting films, which are shown in the weekend.
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