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"Studies and my plans for the future"

Let me introduce myself. My name is Sergey. I am leaving school this year. My dream is to become a student of the Foreign Languages Department in the Krasnodar State University. I want to study English, German and may be French. Knowledge of a foreign language opens a new world for us. If you know a foreign language you can speak with foreigners and it is a way for better understanding. If you know a foreign language you can read books in the original and in way you can better understand other people’s nature and culture. But for knowing English one should learn every day. So I read the texts, translate them, try to find key-words and retell them later. It is a very difficult work but I try to do my best. I learn new words by heart, work at grammar doing innumerable exercises and listen to foreign speech, trying to answer the questions. When I am a student I’ll do my best to master the foreign language I’ve chosen. After leaving the University I hope to become an interpreter and work at the foreign firm.
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