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"Choosing a career (4)"

I agree that choosing career is not a simple matter. And I'm still hesitating about my future profession. But I want my profession to be connected with computers, because I have the computer at home and I am learning to use it. And I think that computer professions would be popular in a few years and it won't be difficult to find a good and well paid job, especially if you can work on the computer better then the others. That is one more reason why I want to connect my future with computers. I am sure that human's future is impossible without modern and progressive computer technologies and that is why some new professions, connected with computes, will appear in future. Of course, our school computer lessons teach us how to use computer and give a basic knowledge , but it is not enough for future and it is necessary to continue education in a higher establishments. As I have a computer at home I have the facility for self-education. I believe that it is rather effective because there are a lot of good books, which can help you, learn different things about computers. I have a computer for a several years and I've already learnt a lot about this product of the 20th century. Now I can easily make programs, print documents and referats and then print them on a special machine, called printer, draw different pictures, which are close to professional pictures. I think that my parents, relatives and other experienced people can give me a good advice about choosing future profession. There are not so many establishments specialized on computer in Archangel, which I want to enter. But, first of all, I want to finish the school. Because, to my mind, only after getting the highest education, we can succeed in life. I am sure that knowledge of English could be of great help in my career, connected with computers, because the majority of "soft" is in English. On computer slang "soft" means computer equipment. And that is why every computer men should possess the good, or even brilliant knowledge of English.
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