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"Choosing a career (1)"

Choosing a career it is not a simple matter, because you chose one of the most important things in your life. It is important to suit your career. It is important when your career is your vocation in life. Skill, persistence and many others qualities are requires in any job. There are 4 types of jobs. 1-st category is the man and machines are for those who want to be an engineer and worker. They have to be patient, accurate, working-hatred man. The 2-on category is a man and people. The professions of a doctor, teacher, especially if you love children. You must be friendly, kind and attentive to others. The 3-rd category is a man and a nature. You must love nature and must take care of it. They become agronomists, biologists and work in agriculture. The 4-th category is man and arts. To this category there belong fashion designers, window-dressers, writers, poets, musicians, painters and artists. These people are enthusiastic, imaginative and creative. We don't know if it would be a right or wrong choice. My ideas may change as I grow up.
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