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"Travelling (2)"

Millions of people all over the world spend their holidays travelling. They travel to see other continents and countries, modern cities and the ruins of ancient towns. They travel to enjoy picturesque places or just for a change of scene. It’s always interesting to discover new things, different ways of life, to meet different people, to try to different food, to listen to different musical rhythms. Those who live in the country like to go to the big city, visiting museums and art galleries, looking at shop windows and dinning at exotic restaurants. City-dwellers usually like acquired holiday by the sea or in the mountains, with nothing to do. Most travelers and holiday makers take a camera with them and pictures of everything that interests them – the sightsights of a city, old churches, castles, views of mountains , lakes, lakes, waterfalls, forests, trees , flowers and plants, animals and birds. Later, perhaps years later, they will be reminded by the photos of the happy times they have had. People travel by boat, by train, by plane or on foot. All means of travel have their advantages and disadvantages. And people choose one according to their plans and destinations. If we are fond of travelling we see and learn a lot of things that we can never see at home, though we may read about them in books and newspapers, or on TV. Travelling by air is more popular in our days than other ways of travelling. You can see many continents and oceans, countries and rivers, cities and lakes. I enjoy to stay at a hotel. It is more comfortable to stay there. You can enjoy being alone, to take a hot shower, to sleep in warm bed and many other advantages. Some people enjoy camping in tents. Of course, the weather must be good for that. There is nothing worse than camping in rain. If you want to travel, first, you must look through some advertisement. You can choose what hotel is worth visiting and the place where your hotel situated. You can buy the magazine named “Tourism”. You can find there all trips you want. There are many photos of places which are recommend most of all. You can also find there information about camping in tents. It’s very interesting to spend the whole day on the nature in the forest or near the lake. So you can’t go anywhere without looking through some add. There are 2 viewpoints on travel. Some people like to go on one place and spend their holidays there. The place may be an interesting city, a picturesque willage or some other attractive place. Others believe in seeing as much as possible in the time they have. I think that our education becomes richer when you travel, meet new people, because you can see new things which you never seen in your life before.
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