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"Sport (1)"

Sport holds an important place in our life. When we listen to the radio in the morning, we can always hear sport news. When we open a newspaper, we can always find information about some game or other or an article about our favourite kind of sports. Television programmes about sport are also very popular, and we can watch something interesting every day. Sport helps people to keep in good health. Sport also makes us more organized in our daily activities. National game and sports competitions are popular in our country. People go in for many kinds of sports. There are sports grounds near every school, every institute, every factory and plant. Besides there are sports clubs and sport school in every town. Many people go there for training. As to me I go in for table-tennis. I like this kind of sport. My friend likes table-tennis too. We often play it both. There are many sport teams at school. They are a football team, a voley-ball team, a basket-ball team, a table-tennis team.
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