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"The problems of teenagers (2)"

Our grandparents say that nowadays the younger generation has a more difficult life then they had. They explain it taking into consideration the fact about the change of the economic formation from the socialist to capitalist. They are also sure that the younger generation that is youth is not sure in its future. As for me I partially agree with them but I think that nowadays has more possibilities and ways for developing, it has more rights them before. Of course one should remember not only one’s rights but also duties. When a person is young he or she survives more vividly all the problems, for teenagers nearly everything becomes a tragedy. Love, friendship, conflicts these are all the things that go hand in hand with youth. Young people who are alike become friends, they spend time in their own companies share the same opinions, have common interests. Those who are different are very often in the state of a conflict, because they cannot control their emotions. Very often such “hot” boys organize one group against the other and the conflict becomes serious. In big cities there are so-called cliques which dictate their own rules to all their members and they are very difficult to deal with. As for me I live in a small town of Maykop and I cannot say that my town’s problems correspond to the big town’s ones. As far as I know we do not have cliques and our youth is quite neutral to all the exotic changes in way of life and so on. I have a lot of friends. We share common interests, have the same hobbies and visit the same places. We are alike, we want to be students, have a funny life and get much pleasure out of it.
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