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The age between 14 & 17 is considered to be one of the best periods in people's life. Grown-ups remind it with excitement & tenderness. But most teens wouldn't agree with this opinion if they were asked. They're sure & & that's quite true that they are overwhelmed with different problems. These problems're quite serious & they can't be considered trifles. Teenagers have psycological problems which can be explained by their psycological instability.This is the reason of their strange & sometimes agressive behavior. Their agression can be aimed at their friends, teachers, parents & people around them. If these problems aren't solved & regulated by experienced specialists, psycologists, teachers it can lead to far more serious problems. Drinking & taking drugs have become the most actual problems of the modern society. As for drinking, teenagers don't realize the harm it does to their health, they just don't want it to the privilegeof grown-ups but unlikegrown-ups they are notable to to drink responsibly. Government surveys on all aspects of drinking have found that about 40 percent of teenagers're attracted by bright & impressive advertisments of alcohol. They really believe that certain drinks will make them look like they're accepted. So, we can say that the low level of self-appraisal is the main reason of drinking & drug problem. Teenagers're greatly influenced by social problems such as unemployment, disfunctional families & the stress of getting into new college. They don't know how to cope with the problems which do not depend on them. They're badly prepared for their solution mentally, spiritually & even physically. If theyfail, they can be driven to despair & won't find the way out if not helped by their families, school & some other representatives of society. In fact, teenagers have got a lot of work. They're busywith their studies, household chores, some of them have a paid job. But there's no time for fun & they want to be entertained at least sometimes. This excessive work leads to an inner conflict which's usually expressed in the form of an open, direct protest against the world of grown-ups. The next step's the conflict with parents which's verydifficult to solve. On the other hand, most teens don't know how to organise their free time for raising their cultural level, enriching their knowledge & improving their physical forms.
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