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"My friend (7)"

I’m not a very sociable person. To my mind, it’s not obliged for people to have a lot of friends in order to be happy. It’s enough, as I think, to have one or two friends who are able to understand you and to support you in hard situations. So, there are few people whom I can call friends. We have much in common and we enjoy communicating with each other. One of my friends is Natalie. She is eighteen. I can say that she is beautiful and smart girl. She left school 2 years ago and now she is a second year student of the University. Natalie wants to be a journalist. She studies well because she is greatly interested in her future profession. Natalie is a hardworking girl too. I admire this feature of her character because I don’t have it. Natalie does not have much free time but if she has, she likes to spend it in a good company, consisting of her school friends. When we gather together we like to listen to music, both classical and modern one, to watch new films and discuss them. I enjoy talking to her a lot because she knows many interesting facts about famous people, history. Her favorite subject at school were history and literature. She is fond of reading. Books have become part and parcel of her life. We have been being friends for a long time. We trust each other so much that we have some personal secrets which are not revealed to the others. I can tell her about my troubles and I am sure that Natalie would help me and give me a piece of good advice. Natalie is an intelligent person. She has a deep and genuine interest in people, open-mindedness and inquiring mind. It is necessary for her as a journalist. I’m happy to have such a good friend as Natalie.
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