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"My school (11)"

I am a pupil of the 9th from of a secondary school in Moscow. Our school gives general education. When at school, children study Russian, Russian literature, History and Social Sciences, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Geography and a foreign language. We also have classes in crafts for boys and home economics for girls, physical education, arts and music. My school’s not far from where I live. It takes me a 10 minutes walk to get there. The school is not a big one. On the ground floor, there is a gym, a cloak room, work shops for boys and a home economics room for girls, where they learn to cook, sew and knit. Besides, there is a lot of classrooms for younger children on the ground floor, there are classrooms for Maths, which have everything necessary for study. You can also find Physics and Chemistry labs and a room for Biology class there. They are very well-equipped and have all the devices and equipment for studying and making experiments in these subject fields. We also have two computer rooms. We have language laboratories in our school, too. English has always been my favorite subject I enjoy making up dialogues, having small group discussions and even learning new phrases and grammar material. Unfortunately, my teacher says I’m not very good at communicating in English, though I can read, translate and retell texts quite well. But she also says I’m diligent and that if I try hard, my spoken language will soon improve. Maths and physics come easy to me. I am on the top of the list in our class, but they are not so interesting to me. We have classes five days a week. Classes begin at half past 8 and last till 2 or 3 in the afternoon. When classes are over, I seldom go home right away. I’m a member at the chess society and the tennis club and often stay at school after classes to train. there are other clubs and societies at our school, too, like the drame club and the maths society, but i prefer these two. I’m fond at sports because they help my keep fit. I like my class because I always feel at home with my classmates. We often spend our free time together. I enjoy my studies, too. I’m sure I’ll remember my schoolyears for the rest of my life.
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